Chronological list of compositions

2020 - I never understood wind - for countertenor or baritone and brass quintet (text by Donald J. Trump) scorevideovideo
2020 - Isolation Haiku - for voice and piano (text by Tracey Wimperly, William George, and others) scorevideo
2019 - It will rain, like... - for solo soprano, mezzo-soprano, tenor, flute, viola, cello (text by Kevin Spence)
2018 - Songs of Experience - for medium voice and piano                  (text by William Blake)  scoreaudio
2017 - Berceuse - for flute, clarinet and piano  - score • audio
2016 - The Seven Dwarfs, Each on his Deathbed, Remembers Snow White - for high voice and clarinet (dbl. bass clarinet)                           (text by Ron Koertge)  score
2016 - Running Into the Sea - for baritone (or tenor), bass flute, bass clarinet, cello, piano (text by Robert Sund)  scorevideo
2015 - Burnaby Mountain Song: Eurydice - for soprano, flute, guitar, cello, piano, drum (text by Renee Sarojini Saklakar)  scorevideo
2014 - Prelude for Wind Quartet (transcription of Bach's Prelude from English Suite III) - for flute, oboe, alto sax, bass clarinet (or flute, oboe, clarinet, baritone sax) scoreaudio
2013 - Night Air - for flute, cello, percussion (marimba, crotales)
2012 - 3 Moon Songs of Li-Po - for voice and guitar (text by Li-Po) scoreaudio
2012 - Unrest - for voice and piano (text by Archibald Lampman) scoreaudio
2012 - Vigil Strange I Kept on the Field One Night - for tenor, violin and piano (text by Walt Whitman)  scorevideo
2012 - Pull My Daisy -  A Beat Madrigal for SATB (resetting of Victoria's O magnum mysterium to text by Ginsberg, Kerouac, Cassady)  scorevideo
2009 - Huron Carol - for voice, violin, cello, organ, bass drum - score
2009 - Ave Maria (Tango) - for soprano, alto sax, cello and piano  scoreaudio
2009 - The Drugs Don't Work - scena for high voice and piano (text by Interviewee #4)  scorevideo
2009 - Moon Chants - for SATB and percussion (vibraphone, drum, finger cymbals) (texts by Plato, Wordsworth, Shakespeare and ancient anonymous texts)  scorevideo
2008 - As though the word blue had been dropped into the water - song cycle for voice, flute and piano (text by  Robert Sund)
2008 - Twilight Songs - for soprano, tenor and violin (text by Wendell Berry)  score
2007 - Missa Brevis - SATB unaccompanied - score
2007 - Canadiana Suite - for soprano, tenor, flute, violin, cello, piano (texts traditional) 
2006 - It was a lover and his lass - for SATB solo, guitar, violin, cello, harp (text by William Shakespeare)  scorevideo
2004 - A good-night - for high voice and piano (text by Francis Quarles)  score 
2004 - The Virtues - cantata for solo soprano, mezzo-soprano, tenor, violin and organ (text by Hildegard of Bingen and Richard Gleaves)  scorevideo
2003 - Heaven & Hell - for soprano, tenor and piano (texts by Emily Dickinson and James Kavanaugh)  score
1990 - Greensleeves/What Child is This (SST - soli or chorus)  scoreaudio
1987 -Winter's Mantle - for voice and piano (Psalm 147) scoreaudio

Student Pieces 

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Alma Mater - for voice and piano (text by E.A. Robinson)
Magnificat - SATB (optional organ)
Psalm 2 - SATB (optional organ)
Psalm 1 - for voice and piano or guitar
Wedding Mass - SATB, flute, cello, organ

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